My First Post!!!!

A big HI to the world out there :)

So before I start blogging in earnest, Let me tell you what I promise you from this blog.

  1. Nifty tips on Fashion
  2. College Advice(Makeup,Boyfriends,Girlfriends,Mobile Plans,Flea markets..the whole shebang!)
  3. Food(I am a shameless gourmand!)
  4. Reviews of products.
  5. Poetry,Photography and Conspiracy theories.
  6. Hot Trash(A surprise segment!)

And more, from an Indian Girl's perspective.

Yes. You heard that right :)

Im tired of looking at all those hot blogs for blondes and sighing/oohing/aahing at everything!

Its time we put our collective feet down and gave them some competition!

So I welcome you to this blog and hope we'll be together for long! :)

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  1. Sai says:

    Thanks for the passing by my blog. Thanks for the comment. Nice blog by the way. Looking forward for your posts on recipes & Photography ..

  2. My pleasure :)

    Thanks! I hope I never run out of topics to write on!

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