College Beauty Must Have !

Presenting...... The Himalaya Kajal!

Liz Taylor as the egyptian queen Cleopatra
Okay so we Indian girls have one thing that we stick to come rain or shine.
And its called Kajal.

Its been around for centuries..the Egyptians used it,the Mesopotamian did too and Our very own Indus Valley Civilisation too had it.
(Yes. I aced History when I was younger :P )

So coming back to it,i refuse to see anybody until I have put on at least a smidgen(well, in reality more than a smidgen..) of Kajal on my eyes.

I'm young, but dont get me wrong when I say this-I look like a vidva aurat when im kajal-less :(

Kajal and something on my lips completes my look. Its a no-non sense makeup thing you and I both can embrace :)

Looking pretty aint THAT hard my friend!

My Himalaya kajal's been around since the past six months (Longer than my last boyfriend I must say!) and it works like a charm.

Ill quickly list the Pros and Cons:

  • Its reaaaal smooth.
  • Doesnt itch,burn,sting or feel like paint.
  • Its pocket friendly at 100/- ! So you can quickly move on if your love affair doesn't last!
  • Its healthy cuz its herbal.
  • You can find it at the chemist or a cosmetic shop.
  • Comes off easily with facewash.
  • The color's really intense.
  • Doesn't evaporate,get blinked off etc etc.

  • It smudges. But I like my kajals smudge-y. So its win-win here!
  • I wish the packaging was a lil more imaginative....It looks like a good girl in those Rom-Coms who suddenly becomes the temptress !(Still waiting for my kajal to look like one too!
  • When I hug people,like real bear hugs, sometimes and I mean soommeee tiny-whiny times, it comes off and sticks onto their faces.But I it cute to brush it off the persons face soooo..... :D all in all..

I+Himalaya Kajal= <3

Joie de Vivre!
Jill of all Trades

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