"Feed me."
Says the app.
Feed me with bits of your life.
With who you met, what you ate and what you wore.
With how you feel and what you believe.

I can't, you say. 
It's needed, the app says.

Feeds and updates.
That web of lies and deceit.
That claim a life that you don't live.
A life of megapixels and comedy.

Look at life through a third eye.
Take a photo, it never lies.

Likes and comments,
Your social worth equals your self esteem.
Connect! It urges you,
Why should you be free?

You give in, you cave,
You update and wait.

Seemingly million eternities go by,
Until that blinking red dot on 
your little palm-sized monster seems to say,
"Congrats! You're connected!"

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  1. So true!


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