I'm the kinda girl who..

I'm the kinda girl who'll cry if you're crying.
The one who'll try and search for answers in your rain.

I'll be the one reminiscing about school days and sharing her youthful exuberance with you.
But i'll also be the one who 'mans-up' and is the mature one.

Don't try to unravel me.
Believe me I've tried. 

Where my soul ends and my ego begins,
is an imaginary boundary.

The kind who'll laugh freely and openly and not care.
The one who'll be happy in a rose, or a handwritten note

Simple outwardly, yet complicated with words.
Which come tumbling out awkwardly at times, 
and composed mellifluously when need be.

Full of contradictions. Yet so complete.

Thats the kind of girl I am.

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