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The lure of the (Upto) 50% tag is too much to resist for me.

Now that I'm a few (British) Pounds lighter - and much happier too, I thought I'd blog about a few things running through my head!

1. Lost kids.

I know it sounds cruel, but there's something about a crying, snotty kid that I adore.
Before you jump to conclusions - Hear me out!

I find them cute because they're so scared and confused and so obviously in need of help. 
And that's all it takes for me to go up to them to calm them and try to locate their parents.

2. Huge - Annoying Aunties.

I'm talking about those "Expensive Bag Clutching", "Heels clattering", "Sunglasses like crowns on the head" type of aunties.

Yacking away, harassing store help, crumpling clothes and leaving lipstick smears.

Damn you!

3. Judgemental Skinny Bitches.

Yes I know, I'm nowhere in the same neighbourhood of size as you are. But I am a healthy, sane, loving (and loved) individual too. And every size IS beautiful. I do not need your over-tweezed eyebrows raised in case I ask the attendant for a larger size than the one I'm currently wearing.

4. Shit faced hoodlums.

Yes. Those weird guys with gel in their hair who travel in packs trying to look all cool and stuff.
Wish they would be barred from entering places decent people frequent.

5. Out of Stock sizes.

Dear Stores, If you want people to buy from you, please realize that we do not like parting with our money unless the product makes us happy. Anything short of consumer happiness is a sin.
If I like something and wear a certain size, I would require that size to be in stock to BUY it from you.
If its not there, I dont buy.
Lose - Lose.

All said, it was a nice and happy day.
Tiring - Yes.
But Happy?
Oh Yes!

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