The Intangibles.


Unable to be touched or grasped; not having physical presence.
An intangible thing.
impalpable - untouchable

The intangibles in my life - stuff around me, living and breathing in my conscious sphere is so important to my well-being. I would like to tell them how much they mean to me and my very existence. 

Things that can't be measured. They hold me steady in life.

They give me strength.

They give me hope.

They give me faith, when I need it the most.

They taught me patience.

They taught me to laugh.

They teach me that life isn't an X-Y graph.

The intangible is always around me. 

Whether I'm near to the source or far away.

It washes over me in gentle waves, to remind me that I'm loved, cherished and wanted.

They're there when I need them the most. Gentle and firm. Saying - "Get up. Try again!"

Why me?

Sometimes I wonder. Sometimes, I just sit and count my blessings. 


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