Cake in a Jar!

Ever since I started working, I've found that weekends have become more important than they ever had been!

Saturdays and Sundays! You help me nurture my inner Nigella!

You help me mess around with my life. You help me stay spontaneous and crazy!


Well, my typical Saturday may not be your typical Saturday! I spent  am spending my day lounging around in pajamas and eating cake batter and drinking endless cups of tea - and I'm moving in spurts.


Well, there are varying periods of activity coupled with utter sloth-fullness.

I can literally see the dent in the mattress that I've made, sitting in one place, glued to TV!

I know that I'm wasting my time! I mean I could be out there - doing something! But no - for today, Aradhna    has been reduced to a slightly rumpled couch potato. And she loves it :)

But you see, I did do something a wee bit useful with my time! 

For one - You have a blog post!
(I know - I'm killing my blog by not updating frequently, but believe me! There are ideas! But I get so lazy..... :( Forgive me! )

And I also have a DIY for you!

Okay - so some background on this - I love making gifts for people. If I buy something from a store, the reason behind it is either that I can't make that thing or that I really don't like that person! :P

Now I also love to bake. But I can't really bake a cake for someone every time :( Sometimes there's jsut too much going on in my life and it gets hard to manage all things together! 

Enter - Cake in a Jar! (YAY!)

This little jar combines what I want to do and love so easily!

I mean its terribly easy to throw in a few dry ingredients together, stick on a recipe and hand it over!

You give the person the pleasure of baking from scratch, without the mess! No recipe - scouting either!

All you need to do is throw in some butter, eggs and milk and just push the concoction into a hot oven !


CAKE! :)

There you have it. A day - well used!

Stay happy :)


Edit :

I realized that in the event that you're actually following the recipe, you don't have much information about it here. Oops! My bad!

So here's the proper Ingredients + Method thingy below :


For the Jar Mix :

1 + 1/2 Cup Flour
1 Cup Powdered Sugar
1 tsp Baking Powder
A pinch of salt.

This way, you can simply gift the Jar with instructions, or store it in your pantry for those lazy days when all you crave is cake and can't get off your butt to actually take the long way there!

Now I had an extreeeeemely lazy Saturday. And I was just tooooo vella!!!!

How to use the Jar Mix :

So all you have to do is whip 3 eggs and 1/2 cup + 1/3 cup of butter together, throw in a teaspoon of vanilla essence and 3 tablespoons of milk. 

This is the wet mix, into which you shall eventually incorporate the dry stuff you made earlier.

If the mix comes out to be too dry, don't despair! Just add a few more tablespoons of milk and it'll all be sorted! :)

Baking Instructions : Pour into a greased tin at 180*C for approx 45 mins. (Convection of course!)


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  1. Hey! Your blog is so real and nice. I mean everything looks like you thought and just posted without caring whether its a popular topic or not. Hi-5 for that! :D I went through most of your posts and loved them! I have a question and a small tip though. :)

    My question is regarding this cake. I did not completely understand how you did this (maybe because I am not much into cooking/baking). You mean you just put these ingredients in a jar and then, put this jar straight away into the microwave? On convection? If yes, for how much time/temperature? or do you mean take the concoction out in a baking dish and then,put it in microwave?

    The small tip was that you mentioned in a post that you use haldi and besan and it dries your skin a bit. I would suggest adding a bit of curd to the haldi+besan mixture (just enough to make a thick paste). Rub the paste on your face/any body part and wash off (even better if you let it sit for 5 mins).First, it won't dry out your skin and second, it'll remove tanning with regular usage. :)

    Do reply about the cake thing and sorry for the extremely long comment. It just happened with so many things to write about. :)

  2. ummm, i think you mean to say that take the jar ingredients in a baking dish, add butter, eggs and milk and then put on convection? I know I must be sounding silly to someone who bakes a lot. :P

  3. Hello !

    Its feels so nice to see such a nice (and long!) comment on my blog! Thank you so much for stopping by!!

    Thanks for the tip about the curd as well! That seems quite right!I'm gonna try it that way now!

    About the cake thingy - The mix in the jar is nothing but the dry ingredients - Sugar, Flour, Baking Powder etc etc.

    You need to whip the eggs and butter separately and add the vanilla essence and mix this up.

    I'm gonna do one thing - I'll just edit the post and elaborate more on the baking aspect of it. Right now its got gaps that I didn't realize it had!

    Thanks a ton again!
    Lots of bloglove!

  4. Thank you so much dear! Means a lot. :)

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