Passion = Food.

Well, if you know me, you'll know this.

Food inspires me.

It uplifts my mood.

It has a language of its own.

And its so beautiful!

Be it something small, like a bowl of maggi and chai ; or pasta e olio! (which is just pasta tossed in olive oil + garlic may I add!) it holds equal joy for me!

And food, like happiness, is a joy to be shared.

That's why I'm going to modify what my blog is about.

From now on, its gonna be about my food journey. Be it a place I ate something at. Or something I made. Or a recipe that I stole. :P Its gonna be more food than probably you can handle. But that's what's driving me right now (apart from work, of course!) and I think that I should write about what I love, so that what I write, is from my heart - true and pure.

I hope you enjoy this new flavor to anindiangirlsworld :)

Keep your knives sharp and spoons ready!


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  1. hmmmm :)

    What you mentioned are simple but yum food...the photos already look yum. :)

    Keep going and I'd wait for the next food items shared :)

    Love <3
    Tanuja :)
    A new post is up:

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