On Books.

Its true that books are like snapshots of the age they are written in. When a writer decides to form words into sentences, he imparts his beliefs and ideologies into what could be a dry narrative of the happenings around him.
Stuff today has become so much like music. Clones of the same formula everywhere.
I wish there was an Adjustment Bureau for this too. Cuz I feel that, left to their own devices, people have become lazy of the mind. You see innovations everywhere around you. Why not in books? In stories? Why do people need to follow the Chetan Bhagat equation in every piece of 'Modern Indian Literature' ?

Maybe money is the explanation for it. People write for commercial success.

Dostoevsky, Dickens, Austen and many more, they are people who's writings are ageless. But commercial success wasnt the drivin force behind their literary exploits. Jane Eyre, Wuthering Heights and a few more, talked about the roles women were supposed to essay in those times and how they defied society to do what they wanted to. Dostoevsky - the underbelly of Russia. Dickens - satires on the England of the Industrial Age.

True, there are many examples of good contemporary writers, but my analysis is limited to those who crowd the bestsellers rack at every store I go to. Yeah, they're very competitively priced at a 100/- bucks or in that neighbourhood. They're not very big either. Of course they'll sell well! They're easy reads, with sauce and suspense. Like a movie show, they promise you your money's worth! Not bad eh?

But unlike Lord of the Rings, I doubt I'll ever see a 50th Anniversary Issue of Five Point Someone!

One was enough. Why do people have to bore us with the same stuff again and again? Even Chocolate Cake, if you have to eat it daily, will cause you to hurl!

I'm not even gonna start on Twilight and the crappy, not to mention sexist 'Romantic Literature' if our times.
All that requires a post of its own.

All I need are a few good reads, that'll probably be on the 'Ark' if our race is really getting exterminated come December!

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