A Little Red Heart.

I was thinking today that I've always been more in love with the idea of being in love, than with being in love.

The lyrics to 'Fidelity' come to mind when I think of the idea of love.

" I never loved nobody fully

Always one foot on the ground
And by protecting my heart truly
I got lost in the sounds
I hear in my mind
All these voices
I hear in my mind all these words
I hear in my mind all this music
And it breaks my heart
And it breaks my heart
And it breaks my heart
It breaks my heart "

Is love = laying in a park and watching the sky? Carving your initials onto tree barks?
Is it falling asleep dreaming and hoping that your dream will come true?

I've done all that. And I don't know if it captures the whole idea of it.

Is it about sharing your stories, your fears, your regrets, your fantasies?

I've done that too. This comes a little closer to it.

Its a strange world, where give and take is the norm.

How many laws apply?

Is having no rules - the only rule?

I'm asking questions - questions that have no answers.

And that scares me a little.

Maybe its a feeling, best left undefined.

Its about savouring the moments you have and making a few more :)

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